Build self confidence and self esteem

Robin Prior & Joseph O' Conner

Relationships define us. Whether it is the relationship that we have with ourselves or with others, they determine the quality of our lives which makes them really important for us to understand and develop.

So knowing that the happiness you experience in life depends upon the quality of your relationships, how happy are you? Do you need to take a look at how you relate to yourself and those around you so you can experience increased happiness?

Whether you are looking for your soul mate, wanting to fall back in love with your 'best friend', feeling invisible in your relationship

Healthy relationships involve trust, honesty, open communication, respect and compromise and pleasure - including the relationship with oneself.

When relationships become difficult or painful (unhealthy), it is easy to say that everything would be OK if the other person would just change - and the other person is probably saying exactly the same thing about you - but as you probably have already experienced, that is unlikely to happen at your request.

What you can do however is take responsibility for your own part. You can be sure that if you change what you are doing significantly enough the other person will not be able to respond in the same way as before. So the change starts with you.

Think of your relationship as a Dance: You both know the steps and do them without thinking, even if the relationship unhealthy and hurting you. If you change your steps the other person can no longer continue to dance the old steps and so the dance either stops or a new healthy dance begins...

The process

Relationship coaching begins by looking at your relationship with yourself, as it is a challenge to have a healthy "we" before you have a healthy "I".
With your new found sense of self and self awareness you can then, with the help of your coach, begin to understand and develop the relationships you have with other people.

What type of relationships can I help you improve?

  • The relationship you have with yourself (definitely the most important)
  • Romantic relationships
  • Relationships you have with friends
  • Relationship with your parent(s)
  • Relationship with your children, of any age
  • Relationships with in-laws
  • Relationships with employees or employers
    the list is endless...

To find out if developing your confidence can help your relationship (s) then answer the following questions:

  • Do you lack assertiveness and the confidence to speak up for yourself?
  • Do you ever feel invisible, unheard and undervalued?
  • Have either of you or both of you stopped making an effort within the relationship and have begun to take the relationship for granted or you feel taken for granted?
  • Are you always putting the other person's needs first and ignoring your own needs?
  • There is no open communication and no system in place to talk and share?
  • Do you feel you have changed but 'they' still treat you the same?
  • Do you feel isolated and without support?
  • Do you always need to be in control – not trusting others to care for you or do things the way you want them done?
  • Do you feel insecure and find it hard to trust others?
  • Do 'they' rely on you and expect you to do everything and sort everything out?
  • Do you know the relationship is unhealthy but you lack the confidence to address the problems or end it?
  • Do you have the desire to re-ignite the fire and get your relationship back on track but feel stuck in a rut?
  • Do you have the desire to create a relationship of respect, open communication, trust, commitment and pleasure but don't know how to go about it?
  • Are you choosing to be alone rather than risk getting close to someone and you now want to share your life but don't know how/feel scared/need help preparing yourself for a relationship?

If you answered 'YES' to one or more of the above questions then get in touch and I will help you improve the quality of your relationships so you can experience more happiness in your life.


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