About Charlotte

I am a professional and experienced Confidence Coach, Life Coach and Trainer who can help you to make big changes in your life, relationships, career or business so you can live an authentic, happy and fulfilling life.

I work with women from the inside out - once you feel good about who you are and have belief in yourself, then we can then move onto making external changes.

I am passionate about working with women who really want to make positive shifts in their lives and who feel I am the right coach to help them get to know themselves, to listen, to challenge, to motivate and to support them through their transformation.

The process of Coaching is often the catalyst for change, but the actual change comes from within you.

I will support and encourage you while challenging you to be the best that you can be.

Mary Kay Ash

Through the many tools and techniques that I am qualified to work with, I can help you to release the negative blocks and beliefs that limit and stop you being who you want to be, doing what you want to do and having what you want to have.

Once you are free of your limitations I will give you the accountability, focus, courage and motivation you need to get you to your goals.

Coach and client – the collaborative team
As coach and client we are a team and we will work together as long as you choose. My belief is that you are the expert of yourself (even if some of that knowledge is currently hidden within you right now, I will help you access it) and I am the expert on the process of coaching and growth.

By asking you insightful and searching questions I will help you to quickly identify the root of any issues you may have and help you to gain the insight, desire and drive required to reach a solution.

I am wholly committed to the process and success of coaching and have been a guest on both BBC Radio Cambridgeshire and BBC Radio Suffolk, discussing the merits and benefits of coaching.

My Background
After 15 years of employed experience in Events Management, Project Management, People Management and Training – which culminated in managing and coaching and International Training Team - I felt ready to work independently.

Driven by my passion in personal development and with the support and encouragement of my Life Coach, I left full time employment in January 2006 to set up my own Coaching & Training practice - Inner Confidence.

Taking the leap into the unknown from the financial security of the corporate world was a life changing choice which taught me about facing change positively and trusting ones instincts.

Following the birth of my amazing daughter in February 2010 I experienced a reflective, humbling and educational 12 months maternity leave, where I came face to face with my womanhood and decided to re-launch my business as Inner Confidence for Women.

I believe everthing in life happens for a reason. Had I had the straight foward birth and start to motherhood that I was expecting, I would not have learnt so much about myself and my capabilites.

I feel great empathy for the challanges women experience in the transition into motherhood, especially those like me, who have come from responsible and demanding careers and are used to having a sense of control which is thrown to the wind when a little life appears in your world.

I am now living my passion of helping women to discover and develop their inner confidence, their inner beauty and their personal power so they can create the life, the work and the relationships that they really want.

  • BSc (Hons) in Psychological Sciences (University of East London)
  • Personal Performance Coach - Distinction (The Coaching Academy)
  • NLP Business Practitioner (accredited by Sue Knight)
  • Accredited Confidence and Self-Esteem Coach (accredited by Dawn Breslin)
  • Certificate in Training Practice (CIPD - Chartered Institute of Personal Development)
  • Indian Head Massage – Credit (accredited by the Institute of Indian Head Massage)

I adhere to The Coaching Academy Code of Ethics and am fully insured with Holistic Services Insurance.


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